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    Widely Used Lift Trucks
    Corporate Culture

    People-oriented, employee-centered; To innovate, to constantly try and to put theory into practice; We concern about the environment, regardless by using advanced technology; Achieve a team of win-win.


    UN Forklift was established in 1978. Approaching 40 years experience, UN Forklift gradually grows into a global forklift manufacturer to join, lead and bring out positive material handling solutions.


    We are unique. We have a talent team with timeless value. UN offers a wide range of training opportunities and job positions to help you find the right social spots. We are always looking for talented, hard working.

    About UN

    ZHEJIANG UN FORKLIFT CO., LTD is a material handling solution provider combining research, manufacturing, sales and service. Approaching 40 years experience, UN?Forklift is well known in the world and you can see its sales or service centers everywhere. We have many distributors take in charge of different regions in China and abroad. What we believe in management philosophy is “Innovate, surpass and unify”. UN?Forklift has made remarkable progress in the past years. The newly established workshop has the production capacity of?15000 units per year. UN Forklift attracts and makes progress with a group of experienced engineers and workers by introducing state-of-art technology and facilities.

    Latest News

    UN Forklift Participated the 2019 China Products Fair in Istanbul, Turkey

    May 23 to 25, 2019, the 6th China Products Fair has finished in Istanbul, Turkey.